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Danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende: "The Magic of Barikisu"

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Barikisu Hair made the hair extensions for the leading parts in the Danish movie "Dig og Mig".


About me...

I grew up in Ghana, West Africa, and as most young girls, my preoccupation with hair, makeup and clothing started at an early age. I have known what I wanted since childhood, and straight out of school I became a hairdresser apprentice. I studied with my master for two years, and subsequently went to work for myself in different settings, which has given me a working experience of more than 17 years.

I came to Denmark in 1998 and after initially concentrating on aquirering a knowledge of the Danish language and culture. I have worked with Danish hairdresser schools initially briefing the Danish teachers and subsequently teaching students. I have also taken part as a consultant on a big show highlighting the art of african hair at the Black Diamond in Copenhagen. And that led us to put on two minor shows in Næstved and Copenhagen, where I was to prepare 6 and 8 models highlighting some of the core techniques - twist, corn row, braid and leave, weave on, water curls and so on.

I am currently involved with "Dansk Frisørskole" (Glentevej 61) to teach students, and also with courses in African hair for educated hairdressers.

I love my profession and is always eager to share my knowledge and ideas with others. That is the reason why I have put together this small statement, and have provided you with some small samples of my work.

I hope that this has evoked your curiosity, and I am happy to hear from you in the event that you are interested in learning more about african hair.

Frisør & kosmetikerA chapter in the Danish book "Frisør & kosmetiker" is about my hair techniques and has samples of my work. It is used as the main book at the Daniosh School of hairdressers.
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International Hairstyle Index 2003

A sample of my work have been accepted in The International Hairstyle Index (Buy it from