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European hair styling and courses in African Hair

As a hair stylist in Copenhagen (Denmark) I offer normal cuts and treatments plus all in African / black hair (braiding, weaving, cornrows, twisting, curling) + consultancy, tips, tricks and good advice regarding haircare. I also arrange courses and education about hair in the African way. Get in touch to hear more about this. Below I have written a description of some of the core techniques regarding Afro hair.

Among the special services from Barikisu are...


"Cornrows" is a popular way of styling the hair. The style got its name because the braiding looks a bit like the surface of a Mais cornrow. Cornrows are actually braids attached to the head instead of hanging loose. The technique can be used in many ways. The clients own hair can be used or mixed with extra hair (extensions). The variations of cornrow styles is almost endless. You can make different sizes of the braids, various patterns or combine the style with other techniques.


Braids is probably the first that comes to mind when talking about African hair. The texhniques and options are similar to use described about Cornrows. With braids there are also endless possibilities of variations. the braids are hanging loos (out from the head) instead of being attached to the head.

Ca la ca la a variation of braids where threads or fiber hair is attached to give a very different finish and look.


is a technique where the hair is twisted instead of braided. Here, only two pieces of hair is used and tied together in a twist. twist can also be made into a type of cornrow into the scalp or hang loose like braids.

Hair extension with braid and leaveBraid and leave / hair extensions / extension of hair

This technique is partly braided hair used to make the hair appear longer. You start with brading, but only about 3 cm. the rest of the hair extensions is left to hang loose. View an example

Water Curls a variation of braid and leave using a special type of wig / artificial hair. When the braid and leave is done, several parts are braided together to a large braid. The braids are finally dipped in boiling water which gives them a special curly effect.

Mohair extensions in Dreadlocks  DreadlocksDreadlocks (rasta hair)

Dreadlocks is a completely diferent hairstyle. Afro hair will naturally turn into large filtered dreads "natty dread" if not taken care of -or if you deliberately wants it like this. In Africa dreadlocks were often connected with outcasts or homeless people. but the form we know today became popular through the rastafari movement and the reggae music.



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